Will the current IPL season raise the Chennai Super Kings share price?

CSK share price

IPL season is underway, and crazy cricket fans celebrate their favourite players and franchisees, have fun, and forget their worries. If you are one of them and one among the millions of CSK or Chennai Super Kings fans, though cool Dhoni, not the captain, has steered the team to the third position as of May 15, 2024.  Not only the most popular team that has the most wins, along with Mumbai Indians and the most runners up, but also the most runners up may win the cup for the record sixth time this year.  Also, investors who have bought at the current unlisted CSK share price are awaiting the share to pick up along with IPO expectations.  

So, in this blog, let us check if the current IPL season raised the CSK stock price to Rs. 210 to cross its 52-week high of Rs. 277 and go beyond to yield high returns. 

Will CSK win this IPL season?

IPL, or Indian Premier League, is the pioneer of the most exciting form of cricket in the short form of 20/20 to have stunning matches and thrilling finishes.  From the time it started in 2008, people in India and many other countries have been fascinated while the teams buy the players in the auction, wait for the matches to begin in March, and watch them until the finals at the end of May.   Being a vacation for students, it is one of the top forms of entertainment for the younger generation of women and older people.  Hence, stadiums become houseful, and media viewership hits all-time highs yearly.  Especially for matches that CSK plays others, and they have lived up to their expectations to come to the third position with 14 points at almost the fag end of the season.  The CSK fans and cricket experts expect CSK to win the cup for the sixth time. 

How will the current IPL season help to raise the CSK share price?

IPL season is not only the festival season for Indians to enjoy and celebrate cricket but also a revenue season for raising the unlisted CSK share price.  The following are a few reasons why the IPL season is increasing the CSK stock price to yield high returns for investors. 

·        IPL season will bring in substantial ticket sales revenue to raise the Chennai Super Kings’ share price

·        The share of income from media broadcasting rights will increase during the IPL, which is why CSK’s share price has risen.

·        Merchandise sales, mainly the yellow jerseys, will hit their peak to raise income. 

·        Many TNPL matches at the district level will start after IPL to keep its momentum and increase revenue.

·        If CSK wins or becomes a runner, it will get a huge prize that will increase profit to the kitty.Stockify is your go-to platform for pre ipo share market. From real-time updates to expert analysis, Stockify provides comprehensive insights and tools to help you confidently navigate the financial markets.

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